1. Holiday Noelle Wall Safe Tape
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A cartoon elf in a blue dress holding a yellow ruler beside a blue Scotch® Tape dispenser.There is text that says

Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape

The unique satin finish disappears on most wrapping papers to make your gifts look nearly flawless.

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Ever-Growing Greeting Tree

Give the many holiday cards your family receives the creative showcase they deserve. Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape is great for lightweight items, decorations and temporary postings of papers.** It sticks securely but removes cleanly from walls and other home and office surfaces.*

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* Not recommended for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces or flat paint. May damage paper upon removal.
** Maximum recommended weight is 0.5 oz. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion. Test before using.

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A taped tree decoration on a wall with holiday greeting cards inside of it.
Scotch® Wall-Safe TapeScotch™ Brand Scissors • Ribbon • Tape Measure • Holiday Greeting Cards
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  • Scissors, a tape measure, Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, ribbon, and holiday greeting cards laid out on a table.

    Ever-Growing Greeting Tree

    Give the many holiday cards your family receives the creative showcase they deserve.

  • A person extending a tape measure over a table, with text that says

    Step One

    Use strips of Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape to mark the top center and bottom center points along a straight, vertical line.

  • A person marking a wall with Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, with text that says

    Step Two

    Measuring equal distances from bottom center, mark outer bottom edge points with tape strips.

  • A person sticking ribbon to a wall using Scotch® Wall-Safe tape, with text that says

    Step Three

    Create outline of tree by connecting each pre-marked point with ribbon and secure with Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape.

  • A person taping holiday cards within the outline of the tree, with text that says

    Step Four

    Tape cards along the edges and inside of your tree shape.

  • The outline of a tree made of ribbon with a gold star on top and holiday cards inside, with text that says

    Step Five

    Add your own decorative touches and additional cards as they arrive throughout the holiday season.

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Meet the other Scotch™ Brand Elves

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Let no gift go unwrapped this holiday

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