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Inventive ideas for all skill levels

Beyond Brown Bag

Add punch to the typical lunch sack.

TIME NEEDED: 10 minutes


Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape »
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape »
Scotch™ Precision Scissors »


Paper lunch bags
Plastic sandwich bags
Hobby knife
Cutting mat

Your kids will love bringing their lunches with personalized paper bags and plastic snack sacks. Mix and match Expressions Masking Tape* and Expressions Washi Tape* colors and patterns.

*May damage some substrates upon removal.

  • Using Expressions Washi Tape and Expressions Masking Tape, spell out a name, make a first initial or snip pieces of tape to create an eye-catching geometric pattern.

  • For a name, roll out your tape on a cutting mat. Using a straightedge, trim it into as many small pieces as you need to make letters.

  • For a letter, adhere Expressions Masking Tape first, then apply a layer of Expressions Washi Tape for pop.

  • For a plastic bag, cut pieces of tape to add funny faces and patterns.

  • EXPERT TIP: Keep your design low on the bag so you can roll the top down for carrying and still have the decorations show.