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Inventive ideas for all skill levels

Helmet SmArts

Be safe and stylish next time you go boarding or biking.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
TIME NEEDED: 2 hours


Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape »
Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape »
Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape »
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Hobby knife
Burnisher (bone folder)

You don’t have to be an extreme sports enthusiast to need a helmet. Why not personalize that noggin-protector with Expressions Packaging Tape*, Expressions Masking Tape* and Expressions Magic™ Tape*? When the helmet looks good, you may be happier to wear it.

*May damage some substrates upon removal.

  • Clean and dry exterior of helmet. Cover entire surface with two to three layers of Expressions Masking Tape for uniform color.

  • Using a similar color, apply one to two layers of Expressions Magic™ Tape. Cut small slits in the tape to bend it around tricky curves.

  • Choose another color of Expressions Magic™ Tape to make a starburst shape. Start at the bottom of the helmet and fan tape upwards. Burnish tape down and trim excess.

  • At the front of the helmet, use another shade of Expressions Magic™ Tape to create a visor shape.

  • Add detail at the front of the helmet with Expressions Packaging Tape to create extra interest.

  • EXPERT TIP: Apply the tape at a diagonal to keep it from wrinkling over the helmet’s curves.