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Solar Flare

Colourful garden décor by day. Functional light by night.

TIME NEEDED: 40 minutes


Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape »
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape »
Scotch™ Precision Scissor »


Solar garden lamp
Hobby knife
Cutting mat

Mix and match colourful Expressions Washi Tape* and Expressions Masking Tape* patterns to create a playful geometric design. This project will brighten your garden or outdoor entryway whether it's day or night.

*May damage some substrates upon removal.

  • EXPERT TIP: Make sure your blade is sharp for best results in cutting the Expressions Washi Tape and Expressions Masking Tape into thirds.

  • Remove any sticky labels from the solar lamp and clean its surface.

  • Roll out the Expressions Washi Tape on a cutting mat. Using a straightedge and hobby knife, carefully cut the tape into thirds, making thin strips.

  • Adhere the thin tape around the solar lamp to create the outline of your geometric design. Trim any excess tape at the edges with the straightedge and hobby knife.

  • Fill in your outline with more tape, making sure to line up the tape to avoid overlap. Use a mix of colourful Expressions Washi Tape and Expressions Masking Tape. As you continue around the solar lamp, trim excess tape.