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Inventive ideas for all skill levels

This Road Rules

Create endless hours of fun with tape roads and buildings.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
TIME NEEDED: 4 hours


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Black shelf liner
White Paper
Milk Cartons
Hobby knife
Cutting mat

Your kids will love this! And you’ll love it, too, because using Expressions Masking Tape* on a mat makes for easier clean up. Plus, the road rolls for storage and can be used again and again.

*May damage some substrates upon removal.

  • EXPERT TIP: When decorating the cartons, use two tape layers for each color as you work your way around the buildings.

  • Rinse the milk cartons and allow them to dry. Glue the spout of the cartons closed to create the roof. Cover the cartons with double-sided tape and adhere strips of white paper to cover the surface. Then they’re ready for decorating tape!

  • Cover the cartons with Expressions Masking Tape. Start with a base color, and tape the roof in a second color. Press the tape down evenly and firmly, cutting it neatly with scissors at the corners to hide the seams.

  • Embellish the buildings with windows and doors. Layer two strips of tape on a cutting mat, and use a hobby knife or scissors to cut them out.

  • For the roads, cut the shelf liner in half. Tape the long sides together from the back, forming a 3-by-3-foot surface. Our liner was 18 inches by 36 inches.

  • Before you apply tape to the shelf liner, sketch out a plan for the roads and buildings. Follow your design as you lay the tape in the areas you’ve indicated. Add visual flare with stripes for grass, as we did. Trim any excess tape with scissors.