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Common Questions

Clear tape

Packaging Tape and Supplies

  • Why are there different kinds of packaging tape?

    Each of our packaging tapes is designed with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape is extremely strong to keep packages intact as they travel, while Scotch® Long Lasting Moving and Storage Packaging Tape features a unique adhesive that’s UV resistant and great for long term storage in hot or cold temperatures.

  • I’m storing something in a damp area; how can I make sure none of my possessions get ruined?

    Storing in damp areas is risky, but there are a few things you can do to prevent/minimize damage. Plastic or metal storage items like vacuum-sealed bags, rubber containers and metal frame shelving are preferable to cardboard or wood.

  • Are Scotch® Packaging Tapes waterproof or weather proof?

    Scotch® Packaging Tapes will withstand a moderate amount of moisture for a short period, but they are not designed to hold through prolonged exposure to weather.

  • Does packaging tape leave a residue when removed?

    Because they use particularly strong adhesives, packaging tapes may leave residue when removed. You may be better off with masking tape.

  • How do I refill a packaging or moving tape dispenser?

    1: Remove the old tape core. Place the new roll of tape on the large roller and press all the way down. Make sure that when you unroll the tape the sticky side is facing down. 2: Pull the tape over the guide bar, near the handle, and under the second, smaller roller. Some packaging tape dispensers have a spring-loaded bar here. If so, hold it back so that you can easily pass the tape through. 3: Pull the tape against the serrated edge. 4: Tape away!

  • Does the colour of packaging tape mean anything?

    No. The colour of the tape has no meaning. The most common colours for packaging tapes are clear, off white, and tan. Many are transparent after they are applied so writing can be visible, such as on mailing labels.

Decorative tape

  • Will glitter tape get glitter all over my home?

    No! The glitter in our glitter tape is not applied on top of adhesive bonded to the surface of the tape, so it won’t shake off and make a mess.

  • What is washi tape?

    Washi tape comes in a variety of colours and patterns, making it ideal for decorating, crafting and adding personality to projects. The paper backing makes it easy to tear and it can be written on with pen or pencil.

  • How often do new patterns come out?

    Scotch® Brand updates patterns periodically over the course of the year in response to new design trends and seasonal considerations.


  • A pouch is stuck in my Thermal Laminating machine. What should I do?

    First, unplug the device. With the pouch release lever held down, try gently pulling the pouch back out of the laminator. Do not pull the pouch through the machine. If this doesn’t work, please call the 3M Laminating Help Line at 1-800-772-4337 or contact us online.

  • How do I get the best results when laminating?

    You’ll get the best results when you give the laminating machine the time it requires to warm up. (From one minute to less than six minutes, depending on the model. Please refer to the instructions for your specific model.)

  • Which heat setting should I use for my projects?

    With Scotch™ Thermal Laminating Pouches – letter, legal, and menu size – use 3 mil heat setting. For most other smaller thermal pouch sizes, use the 5 or 6 mil setting. If in doubt, start with a lower heat setting and work your way up if laminating quality is not good.

  • Can I laminate multiple items in one pouch?

    Yes! Laminating smaller items together is a great way to save time. Here’s how:
    Step 1: Place items—such as flash cards, ID cards or recipes—into one Thermal Pouch. Place items in the pouch with minimum of ½ inch of space between them to allow room for trimming items upon completion.
    Step 2: Send the Thermal Pouch through the Thermal Laminator, sealed edge first, then allow it to cool on a flat surface.
    Step 3: Hand trim around the thermal laminated items. Scotch™ Thermal Laminating Pouches completely seal around your document, meaning there are no air pockets or gaps when you trim.
    NEVER cut a pouch before laminating or it will jam inside the machine.
    NEVER laminate Social Insurance cards, or one-of-a-kind items that cannot be replaced.

  • Can I cut a pouch before laminating?

    No. NEVER cut a pouch before laminating or it will jam inside the machine.

  • What type of thermal pouches can I use in my machine?

    For best results, use Scotch™ Thermal Laminating Pouches in your thermal laminating machine.
    • Model TL901: 3 mil, 5 mil pouches up to 9” (22.86 cm) wide
    • Model TL902: 3 mil, 5 mil pouches up to 9” (22.86 cm) wide
    • Model PRO TL906: 3 mil, 5 mil pouches up to 9” (22.86 cm) wide
    • Model TL1302: 3 mil, 5 mil, 6 mil pouches up to 12.3” (31.2 cm) wide
    •Model PRO TL1306: 3 mil, 5 mil, 6 mil pouches up to 12.3” (31.2 cm) wide

  • Can I cut documents after I’ve laminated them?

    Yes! Always laminate your Thermal Pouch first, let it cool, and then trim.

  • Can I write/erase dry erase marks on laminated documents?

    Yes! That’s one of the beauties of laminating. In fact dry erase markers work great - they’re easy to wipe off so laminated items can be used repeatedly.

  • Can I laminate my social insurance card?

    No. Items not intended for use with any laminator include currency, Social insurance cards, stamps, credit cards, or cards with a magnetic strip. Some of these items incorporate important authentication features that are hampered by lamination.

    Also, do not laminate sharp objects, unheatable plastic, historically significant papers or one-of-a-kind items.

  • How long does it take for the thermal machine to heat up?

    Different laminators take different amounts of time to heat up
    • The Scotch™ Thermal Laminator TL901 Laminator takes 5-7 minutes.
    • The Scotch™ Thermal Laminator TL902A takes 5-6 minutes.
    • The Scotch™ Advanced Thermal Laminator TL1302 takes 1 minute.
    • The Scotch™ Pro Thermal Laminator TL906 takes 5-6 minutes.
    • The Scotch™ Pro Thermal Laminator TL 1306 takes 1 minute.


  • How much glue should I use?

    It depends on what glue you’re using, and what your project is. For all glues (except super glue), apply a thin, uniform layer that completely covers the surface area to be glued. Apply super glue sparingly. A good rule of thumb for super glue is to apply one small drop for each square inch of surface to be glued.

  • What's the difference between super glue and multi-purpose glue?

    Both Scotch® Super Glues and Scotch® Multi-Purpose Glue bond many substrates, but super glue dries much quicker. Generally, Scotch® Super Glues are stronger than Scotch® Multi-Purpose glue, but not in all cases. Multi-purpose glue is ideal for use on paper, poster board, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal, aluminum, formica, vinyl, PVC and acrylic. Super Glue is commonly used for gluing wood, metal, leather, ceramic, rubber, some plastics and similar materials. Super Glue is usually not a good choice for paper.

  • What do I do if my fingers get stuck?

    Don’t panic! Try gently working vegetable oil or baby oil around the edges and into the glued area to loosen the bond. Alternatively, try soaking fingers in warm, soapy water. Be very gentle – do not pull skin surfaces apart with a direct opposing action as skin damage may result. If you are unable to free bonded area, or if irritation persists, get medical attention.

  • What should I do if I get super glue on my clothes or my furniture / workspace?

    Try gently working vegetable oil or baby oil around the edges and into the glued area to loosen the bond. Alternatively, try soaking the glued area in warm, soapy water.

  • How should I prepare a surface before gluing?

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of debris. For smooth, hard surfaces, use sandpaper or steel wool to gently roughen the surface before gluing to get a stronger bond.

  • What glue is best for plastic repair?

    Scotch® Maximum Strength Adhesive and Scotch® Ultra Strength Adhesive work on the widest variety of plastics.

  • What can I do if I have a clogged dispenser?

    For water-based glues, soak the nozzle in warm water and then pierce the clog with a paper clip or sewing needle.

  • How can I prevent glues from drying out during storage in between use?

    The best thing to do is simply seal the cap tightly.

  • How do I remove glue from my hands after use?

    Try gently working vegetable oil or baby oil around the edges of the dried glue. Alternatively, try soaking fingers in warm, soapy water. Be very gentle – do not pull glued skin surfaces apart with a direct opposing action as skin damage may result.




  • Is there an ideal application temperature?

    For all Scotch® Mounting Tapes, ideal application temperature is 70-100 °F (21-38 °C). Most tapes can be successfully applied above 50 °F (10 °C).

  • Are Scotch® Mounting Tapes waterproof or weatherproof?

    Scotch® Outdoor Mounting and Extremely Strong Mounting Tapes can be used for bonding and sealing applications, where water cannot penetrate through them. Scotch® Clear, Outdoor and Extremely Strong Mounting Tapes have UV-resistant adhesives so they hold up under UV exposure.

  • What surfaces will mounting tapes stick to?

    Scotch® Indoor Mounting Tape works on most indoor surfaces that are dry, clean and smooth. Scotch® Outdoor Mounting Tape works on many surfaces including metal, glass, finished and painted wood, vinyl and plastic. Scotch® Extreme Mounting Tape works on many finished surfaces such as finished and painted wood, metal, laminate and tile. None of the mounting tapes are recommended for use on wallpaper or delicate surfaces. See packages for details.


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