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A gift wrapped with Premium Wrapping Paper in Purple and Berry-Coloured Satin Ribbon.

The Perfect Present

People who take great pride in their wrapping want everything to be perfect. Scotch® GiftWrap Tape disappears on most wrapping papers to let the wrapping speak for itself.

The perfect present

The unique satin finish goes invisible on most wrapping paper, allowing you to create near-perfect gift wraps.


Scotch® Gift-Wrap Tape
Berry-Coloured Satin Ribbon
Scotch® Scissors
Premium Wrapping Paper in Purple
Gold Embellishment

  • Step One

    Line up your gift so it’s square with the paper.

  • Step Two

    Fold one side of the paper up and use Scotch® GiftWrap Tape to tape it to the box.

  • Step Three

    Spin the whole gift and paper around to the other side, fold the edge of the wrapping paper and fold it up to cover the top of the gift. Tape to secure.

  • Step Four

    Spin gift and paper so you’re looking at one of the open sides. Fold the top down first, then the right flap and left flap.

  • Step Five

    This leaves you with a point at the bottom. Fold this up and tape in place.

  • Step Six

    Repeat on the other side and tie on your ribbon and embellishments.

Scotch GiftWrap Tape is available at Amazon.ca. Supplies may vary, based on inventory.