A glowing ball of Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ floating over an open cardboard box in a warehouse.

Better Package Protection. More Happy Customers. Mission Accomplished.

More Than Your Average Paper Wrap

Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is a proven-to-protect alternative to plastic made with 100% recycled paper and an innovative interlocking honeycomb structure that fills boxes and protects fragile items. It stores flat, then expands to cradle your items in a nest of protection, so you can do more with less.

  • Ships Flat to Save 80% of Space

    Every square foot counts when there is limited warehouse space and endless orders. Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ saves you space — for the same square footage, one truck of Cushion Lock™ equates to about 10 truckloads of plastic bubble.

    More Packing Power

    Expansion means more efficient packing. One 1,000-foot roll of Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ expands to do the work of 2,500 feet of bubble wrap, so your streamlined packing process gets products out the door and keeps customers satisfied.

  • One 1,000-foot roll of Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ next to a stack of bubble wrap rolls taking up much more space.
  • A close up shot of Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ showing the interlocking 3D pattern of the protective wrap.
  • The Only GreenCircle Certified Paper Wrap

    Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble — it is recyclable and made with 100% recycled paper. Because it’s GreenCircle Certified, you can trust that Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ has been rigorously tested and meets the standards for sustainability.

    Proven to Protect

    Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is designed with it's unique interlocking 3D pattern to fill boxes and protect fragile items when used as directed. Get your orders packed and shipped to customers intact and don’t worry about the bumps in the road.

    A Paper Wrap That Won’t Fall Flat

    Other paper wraps don’t stand up to the protective power of Cushion Lock™ — the interlocking structure withstands pressure and remains conformed to the shape of your items. You don’t have to sacrifice package protection to ship sustainably!

We’ve Done The Testing To Prove It

We tested Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ thoroughly by simulating the hazards and rough handling that can occur during shipping. Cushion Lock™ protects items through drops, bumpy roads, and loading, so you can ship with confidence.

Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap is proven to protect.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Five yellow stars

    "Great sustainable packaging material"

    This is a great sustainable packaging material that's infinitely better than plastic bubble wrap.
    - Hoss

  • Five yellow stars

    "Durable wrapping solution"

    I started a small ebay business a few months ago and since then I have been looking for a wrap solution. I found this product durable and suitable wrapping paper for different kinds of items. I intend to use it in the future as well. Nothing worse than the customer getting a broken item and you have to deal with the refund/replacement.
    - Anonymous

  • IFive yellow stars

    "Great packing material"

    I like to ship items to my aunt in Texas. The Scotch Cushion lock is perfect for packing lots of goodies in a box. It takes up less room than bubble wrap but still protects delicate items when properly wrapped. I feel like I can pack more and the items still be safe. I also prefer using a paper product to ship items because I think it is more environmentally friendly and reusable. This is a great wrap for dishes too with the honeycomb like material. Give it a try!
    - 13mary

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