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Doing More With Less.

At Scotch™ Brand, we believe we can all do more with less: finding new and clever ways to bring ideas to life.

We want Doers everywhere to thoughtfully create, re-use, repair and protect all while using less. Less energy. Less materials. Less time. Less worry.

That’s why we are committed to making quality tools that get projects done right the first time,

while minimizing the use of virgin plastic and our impacts on the environment.

Join us in our never-ending pursuit as we rethink, refocus, and reimagine what we can do together for the planet we share.


Scotch™ Brand Sustainability Pillars:

Scotch™ Brand Sustainability Pillars: Climate - Reducing Our Impact, Community - Partnerships for Change, Commitment - Goals to Drive Impact, Circular - Reusing & Recycling
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    Reusing & Recycling

    Doing more with less, upcycling and reusing materials.

    • Recycled and Bio-based Materials
    • Reusable Products
    • Helping You Upcycle and Repair
    • Efficiency and Reuse in Manufacturing
    • Recyclable Packaging
    • Simple Recycling Labels
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    Reducing Our Impact

    Improving our environmental footprint with better materials and responsible manufacturing.

    • Renewable and Clean Energy Manufacturing
    • Reducing Use of Virgin Plastic
    • Paper-based Alternatives
    • Paper from Responsibly Managed Forests
    • Alternative Adhesives and Coatings
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    Partnerships For Change

    Creating a more positive world through our team and our partners because together, we can do a world of good.

    • Global Employee Volunteer Programs
    • Community Transformation with Project Backboard
    • Award Winning Workplace for Diversity & Women (Forbes 2022)
    • Finalist for Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Award (Fast Company 2022)
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    Goals To Drive Impact

    When we state our intentions, we can be focused on the action steps needed to reach our goals. Even the smallest sustainability improvements can have impact. Here are two significant milestones we’re working towards in the coming years:

    • Scotch™ Brand* is contributing to 3M’s goal to eliminate 125 million pounds of plastic waste by 2025 compared to 2021.
    • Transitioning 100% of our packaging to reusable or curbside recyclable by 2030, with an interim goal of 80% by 2025.

*Scotch™ Brand is part of 3M’s family of consumer brands.

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