Seriously strong to get the job done.

Scotch-Mount™ Double-Sided Mounting Tapes

Introducing an updated line of Scotch-Mount™ Double-Sided Mounting Tapes!

Whether your project is inside or outside, heavy or light, if you’ve got Scotch-Mount™ Double-Sided Mounting Tape, you already have everything you need to make it happen.

We’ve got indoor tape that holds fast to the wall. Outdoor tape built to withstand the elements. Extreme tape to handle your biggest projects. Even clear tape for mounting to glass or acrylic.

Choose from a variety of seriously strong mounting products to help you mount objects securely — and leave your power tools in the garage.

  • Equipped with our most powerful permanent adhesive, this double-sided mounting tape defies gravity, holding an item up to 30 pounds. It's weather resistant for a long-lasting bond, indoors and outdoors.

  • Whether you're creating a gallery wall or affixing the family chore chart, this permanent double-sided mounting tape holds up to 15 pounds on painted surfaces including drywall.

  • Featuring optically clear adhesive technology, this double-sided mounting tape permanently holds up to 15 pounds and is perfect for mounting glass, tiles and artwork.