scotch steam automobiles

Build Automobiles

table with Scotch STEAM craft projects on it

Try these instructions to help start your build. What else can you find around your home to complete the city? Share your creations with #ScotchSTEAM on social media.

  • person cutting out automobile template from piece of paper

    Start by cutting out the vehicle along the sold lines. Fold carefully along the dotted lines.

  • person folding automobile template

    As you start to create folds you should see your vehicle begin to take shape. Grab some tape!

  • person taping automobile template

    Begin taping at the front of the car and finish at the back. Place tape on the white tabs to hold it together.

3 assembled Scotch STEAM vehicles

Recommended Supplies

  • scotch brand kid scissors

    Scotch™ Kids Scissors

  • scotch clip and twist

    Scotch® Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

  • scotch® superhold tape

    Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

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