scotch STEAM boats

Build Boats

scotch STEAM boats in a sink filled with water

Try these instructions to help start your build. What else can you find around your home to complete the city? Share your creations with #ScotchSTEAM on social media.

  • person cutting a rectangle out of a box
    Create the vessel

    Find an emptied paper milk carton or a soup carton. To cover up printing on your container paint it. Carefully cut a rectangle out of the top of your box so that your boat is hollow inside. Add any additional decorations to the outside such as windows or a stripe along the bottom!

  • person taping a folded post-it® note to a straw
    Add a sail

    To create a flag, fold a post-it note into a triangle and tape it to the end of a straw. Have a parent help you cut a hole for your flag near the front of your boat. Slide your straw into the hole to attach the flag.

  • person putting a coin into a crafted boat in a bowl of water
    Test your buoyancy

    Find a container of water and test out how much weight your boat can hold before sinking. We suggest using coins. Finishing note... You can make boats out of all kinds of materials. Try using different containers and see what floats best!

image of 3 craft boats
drawing explaining how boats float

Recommended Supplies

  • milk cartons

    Milk cartons

  • straws

    Plastic or paper straws

  • post-it® notes

    Post-it® Notes

  • cotch™ Kids Scissors

    Scotch™ Kids Scissors

  • Scotch® Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

    Scotch® Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

  • Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

    Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

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