Scotch STEAM rockets

Build a Rocket

Try these instructions to help start your build. What else can you find around your home to complete the city? Share your creations with #ScotchSTEAM on social media.

  • person cutting a rectangle out of a box
    Create the body

    To create the body of your rocket, cut out a long rectangle of paper that is about 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. You can try out different lengths as well to see which rocket flies better! Roll the piece of paper around a straw. Make sure it’s not too tight so that it can still slide off of the straw. Tape along the seam. In order for your rocket to fly it needs to be airtight! Place a piece of tape on the end of one side of your rocket to seal it.

  • person taping a folded post-it® note to a straw
    Create the nose

    To create a nose for your rocket, cut out a circle of paper approximately three inches wide. Try to find something round in your home to trace out the circle, such as a cup! Cut your circle into four parts by cutting twice across the center. Take one of the pieces and roll it into a cone to create your nose. We suggest rolling it around the tip of a pencil. Tape it and attach it to the end of your rocket.

  • person putting a coin into a crafted boat in a bowl of water
    Add fins

    To create the fins you will need a Post-it® Notes or a square of paper approximately the same size. Fold it into a triangle and then once more into an even smaller triangle to create two fins. You can keep your fins that size or trim them to make them even smaller. Repeat one more time so you have four fins. Attach the fins to your rocket with tape. Your rocket is ready for blast off! Place it back on your straw and blow to see it fly off into space!

3 craft rockets
diagram of a rocket

Recommended Supplies

  • straws

    Plastic or paper straws

  • construction paper and carboard tubes

    Milk cartons

  • post-it® notes

    Post-it® Notes

  • cotch™ Kids Scissors

    Scotch™ Kids Scissors

  • Scotch® Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

    Scotch® Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

  • Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

    Scotch® Super-Hold Tape

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