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Reducing Our Impact

Even the smallest choices we make today can positively impact tomorrow.

That’s why we’ll continue our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment with better materials and responsible manufacturing.

We are up for the challenge of creating the most effective tools for your tasks while respecting the environment we all share.

  • red Scotch™ Packaging tape dispenser on a red background of red beads of recycled plastic

    Doing More With Less

    Reduce Our Use of Virgin Fossil-Based Plastic

    We believe in doing more with less. That’s why we are working to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used in our tapes and dispensers by either reducing the plastic needed to make them or by replacing it with recycled plastics altogether:

    • Our red Scotch™ Packaging tape dispensers are made from 80% recycled plastic.
    • Our Scotch® Magic™ Tape with 66% plant-based adhesive has a core and dispenser made from 50% recycled content.
  • Scotch® Box Lock™ Paper Tape being wrapped across a cardboard box.

    Paper-Based Possibilities

    Expanding Our Paper-Based Alternatives

    From packaging tape to protective fillers, we are working to develop more sustainable ways to help you ship and protect what’s most important to you. Our paper-based products provide better choices to traditional plastic mailing supplies:

    • Scotch™ Paper Mailers are made from paper and are curbside recyclable.
    • Scotch® Box Lock™ Paper Tape can easily be recycled along with your cardboard boxes.
    • Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is not only a great paper-based alternative to traditional plastic cushion wrap, it’s also made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Orange, green, blue, beige, and purple Scotch Blue™ Tapes going diagonally across the image.

    Future-Focused, Responsible Sourcing

    Paper From Responsibly Managed Forests

    We believe our planet’s forests are an asset to be shared across generations. That’s why we use paper from responsibly managed forests that help keep forests as forests:

    • Scotch® Painter's Tapes in Europe utilize PEFC® certified papers. Chain of Custody Number: SGSCH-PEFC-COC-110078
    • Scotch® Paper Tape in the United States is made from FSC® certified paper. FSC®C127974
  • A mountainous landscape with windmills and solar panels in the foreground.

    Energizing Community Partnerships

    Renewable & Clean Energy Manufacturing

    In a continuous effort to impact climate change while strengthening communities, 3M partnered with local utility commissions to move Scotch™ Brand’s largest manufacturing plant to source 100% renewable clean energy with a mix of wind and solar power.

  • A person wearing a red plaid shirt applying adhesive to a surface.

    Sticking To What Matters

    Alternative Adhesives & Coatings

    Scotch™ Brand uses a variety of alternative adhesives and coatings, including solvent-free, plant-based and water-based, to help reduce factory emissions with fewer solvents:

    • All Scotch™ Packaging Tapes are made with solvent-free adhesives.
    • Scotch® Magic™ Tape made with 66% plant-based adhesive is also solvent-free.
    • Scotch® Paper Tape is made with water-based coatings.
    • Scotch® Contractor Grade Masking, Heavy Duty Masking and Rough Surface Painter’s tapes are made from renewable natural rubber.
    • ScotchBlue™ Original and Sharp Line Painter’s Tapes are made with solvent-free adhesive.
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