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Partnerships Creating Positive Change

At Scotch™ Brand, we continue to be true believers that anything is possible when you have science on your side and the resolve to see things through.

Transformation comes from our shared vision, passionate employees and commitment from community partners.

Together, we can do a world of good.

  • Community members sorting through garbage and recycling.

    Putting Our Skills To Work

    Global Employee Volunteer Programs

    Our 3M Impact Program is making a difference around the world. Our employees spend two weeks working alongside a local nonprofit, social enterprise or school to positively contribute to a pressing social or environmental challenge.

  • An overhead shot of the Project Backboard basketball courts in a shared community space in Brooklyn.

    Painting A Brighter Future

    Community Transformation with Project Backboard

    Scotch™ Painter’s Tape proudly partnered with Project Backboard to reimagine a shared community space in Brooklyn, New York. Their game-changing mission is to renovate public basketball courts with custom, large-scale works of art on the surface. The large canvases serve an even greater purpose to strengthen communities, improve park safety, encourage multi-generational play and inspire others to think more critically and creatively about their environment.

  • An African American woman sitting on a couch with a laptop, smiling.

    The Power Of An Inclusive Culture

    Award Winning Workplace for Women & Diversity

    We are proud to share our parent company 3M ranks amongst the world’s top companies for women and diversity according to Forbes. We value an inclusive culture where all feel welcome and broader perspectives are truly valued. We know diverse thinking leads to greater innovation and that’s why we are so committed to advancing equity across our entire organization.

    Forbes World’s Best Companies for Women 2023

    America’s Best Companies for Diversity 2021

  • A young child drawing in front of a window.

    Investing Where It Matters

    Corporate Level Support for Education & Community

    Through the power of ingenuity, we can solve big challenges and create opportunity. Scotch™ Brand’s parent company, 3M, has invested more than $23.6 million dollars to address opportunity gaps in the U.S. through workforce development and STEM education. What’s more, they donated $82.1 million dollars in cash and products for education, community and environmental programs.

  • A colorful geometric mural on a garage door.

    Next Generation Of Hands-On

    Inspiring Creativity with a Welcoming Atmosphere

    YAYA is an art education center located in Central City, New Orleans. Their mission is to empower creative young people to become successful adults. From glass blowing, to painting, to ceramics, their students are encouraged to express themselves by being hands-on. Scotch™ Painter’s Tapes partnered with YAYA to install bold murals throughout the space that help everyone feel welcomed.

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