Thoughtfully Wrapped

Create beautiful and personal gifts by creatively using what you have on hand at home.

Thoughtfully Wrapped

Create beautiful and personal gifts by creatively using what you have on hand at home.

Thoughtfully Wrapped

Create beautiful and personal gifts by creatively using what you have on hand at home.

Gift wrapping inspiration

Get Inspired

  • Need some inspiration for gift wrapping this year? Luckily, there are all sorts of ways to make your gifts more unique, personal and expressive — hiding in plain sight right inside your home! Read on for some fun and fresh ideas on how Scotch™ Brand Products can help spruce up your most meaningful gifts.

    We’ve also partnered with innovative brands Ampersand and Tokketok to come up with some inspiringly resourceful ideas that you can use to put that extra special touch on your gifts this year.

  • Amazing gifts from Ampersand

    There's nothing quite like giving a thoughtfully wrapped gift — but that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of extra money to make it special. So we partnered with Ampersand to come up with three great ways to resourcefully personalize your gift wrap with things you might already have at home.

Ampersand gift wrapping ideas
Ampersand drawing gift wrapping ideas
  • Giving the kids a quick and fun little activity to do while they wait to open the present is a really fun way to prolong the suspense! Whether they love the challenge of a word search or would prefer to color in a motif, this idea is easy to personalize. For one kid we might do trucks, for another some stars, but these evergreen trees are always a sure sign of the winter holidays. The only supplies needed are solid color paper, a permanent marker, crayons and tape. We used Scotch® GiftWrap Tape for the semi-gloss white gift wrap, and Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape to secure the crayons.

Ampersand pom gift wrapping idea
  • For that special girlfriend, why not try making your very own tissue paper pom bow with her favorite colors? This easy personal touch can feel really special, and only takes a couple of minutes.

    We used Scotch® GiftWrap Tape for the semi-gloss chartreuse gift wrap, Scotch® Magic™ Tape for the metallic blue and the tissue pom bow, and Scotch® Double Sided Tape to secure the bow to the package.

Ampersand animal gift wrapping ideas
  • For the kids, transforming a simple, solid color package into their favorite friendly creature is a surefire way to make their eyes light up! The polar bear and bunny are so easy to create with just some extra paper, markers and tape. We used Scotch® Magic™ Tape for wrapping the uncoated kraft paper, and Scotch® GiftWrap Tape for the semi-gloss solid white gift wrap. We also used Scotch™ Expressions Washi Tape in pink glitter for the bunny's ears and nose, and Scotch™ Double Sided Tape to attach the paper animal parts.


Ideas From Scotch

  • Spice up gift wrapping with cinnamon sticks
    Spice Things Up

    For a fun and aromatic topper, decorate your gift with cinnamon sticks.

  • Get rid of gift wrap ribbon
    Get Rid of the Ribbon!

    Ribbons have always had their place — but sometimes it can be fun to switch things up and wrap your gifts with a bit more style. In place of ribbon this year, try using Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape — there are dozens of unique colors, textures and patterns to choose from.

  • Tie it all together with TOKKETOK

    Small gestures can go a long way toward making someone feel special — something that design and print studio TOKKETOK knows intimately. Joke Vande Gaer has great ideas for your gift wrapping this season.

TOKKETOK bow gift wrap ideas
  • “When I give a small present, I like making the packaging a little more special,” says Joke. “Magazines are always fun to create paper bows with. They give such special pops of color with a zig-zag fold. If you don’t have any magazines handy, simple white paper and some markers will do the same. Simply zig-zag the paper, tape the paper closed in the middle and pull up the sides of the bow, and tie them all together. This gift is for my sister — she loves magazines, so I gifted her a magazine subscription. I didn’t just want to put it in an envelope, so I used a mini box and bows made from the magazine she’s getting in the mail!”


TOKKETOK flower gift wrap ideas
  • “I love flowers,” says Joke. “They brighten up everything with the tiniest effort. With Scotch® Double Sided Tape, you can easily attach flowers or flower petals to a gift. If you want to keep the flower whole, just use Scotch® Magic™ Tape (my favorite) and write a sweet word on the tape!

    These gifts are for the grandmothers in our lives. I love to give them books with pictures of their grandchildren — this way, they get flowers and a present at the same time.”

TOKKETOK book gift wrap ideas
  • “This is my favorite gift to give and receive,” says Joke. “I love getting books, and it's a great white elephant gift to bring to a party. I painted a few recipes on the wrapping paper, and wrapped the book with Scotch® GiftWrap Tape.

    On the inside of the book I attached little notes with Scotch® Magic™ Tape, so the recipient remembers me when cooking and hopefully invites me for dinner! A nice touch is wrapping some herbs in the painted paper as an extra little gift.”

TOKKETOK  big gift wrap ideas
  • Joke is a fan of giving bigger gifts, too. “Big gifts are fun to give, but it can be hard to find decorative paper that's big enough,” she says. “I mostly use paper table covers to wrap big gifts, but it needs a special touch.

    With Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape, I applied flowers to the boxes. Super easy, with a big impact! I wrapped two big flowerpots inside for my best friend who just bought a house!”

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