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Scotch™ Brand WFH Backgrounds

How to Download:

  • Download
    1. Choose Your Favorite Background
  • Drag and Drop
    2. Drag and Drop Your Image
  • Zoom or Teams
    3. Open Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Celebrate
    4. Enjoy your new space!

Mad About Plaid

The Scotch™ Brand celebrates everyday ingenuity with our portfolio of products that helps people everywhere fix, ship, mount, make, and create. Simply mad about plaid? Let it show, while working from home!

Roll out the inspiration

For every problem, there’s a solution. Let the Scotch™ Brand inspire you in the pursuit of making it all happen.

Office Space

The concept of “the office” is evolving quickly as more of us are finding ourselves working virtually. Let Scotch™ Brand help make your office wherever you need it to be.